Round 4 Grant Support


Round 4 (12 Projects supported, $196,409 granted).

First Kinglake Scout Group                                                                                                           $5,500

  • Scouting and community events trailer; Purchase of a tradesman’s trailer to store and transport camping and activity gear including a rack for canoes.

Flowerdale Community House                                                                                                   $26,000

  • The Flowerdale Flyer Project; for the purchase of new printing equipment and staff funding to increase the reach and production of the monthly Flowerdale Flyer production to engage the whole community and surrounds.

Yea and District Memorial Hospital                                                                                           $14,000

  • The Connected Garden Project; to fund connecting the school gardens of Western Murrindindi and community gardens to address the problem of access to fresh produce and to improve links between schools.

Middle Kinglake Primary School

  • History of Middle Kinglake Primary School; to add nineteen years of information to the last production of the history of the school. New publication to be released at the 120 year anniversary of the school in 2018.                                                                $3,500


  • Mother/Daughter Princess and Father/Son Champion evenings; The Foundation supports for the second year a successful program that fosters understanding between parents and children in the “Tween” years.                                                                                 $1,500

Flowerdale Community Hall                                                                                                         $1,400

  • Food Hygiene Course; to enable local community groups to educate volunteers in safe food handling to ensure the well-being of participants in community group functions, BBQ’s etc.

Flowerdale Landcare                                                                                                                      $3,250

  • Events and Equipment; support for the purchase of an earth auger and for running community events such as the combined picnic with Flowerdale CFA to promote fire preparedness in November.

Fauna and Toolangi                                                                                                                         $12,000

  • Equipment purchase to survey fauna in backyards and to support presentation of results.

Rotary of Kinglake Ranges                                                                                                            $5,000

  • Backing up a previous grant to allow Rotary to purchase further Display Equipment for Kinglake Ranges Art Show.

Ellimatta Youth Inc.                                                                                                                         $40,239

  • Support for staffing to offer a range of programs including a weekly drop in and fortnightly Friday night recreation in the “Connecting Kinglake Ranges Youth” Project.

Firefoxes Australia                                                                                                                           $75,000

  • A continuation of support for the Monthly Meetings program and to run quarterly workshops, building capacity, skills, networks and confidence in women of the Kinglake Ranges with a focus on emergency prevention/preparation and response.

Kinglake Ranges Aquatic Centre                                                                                                 $9,020

  • Business Model planning supported, with negotiations taking place for a staged release of further funds to a total of $33,945. This project will produce a concept design and 10 year business model for the Kinglake Ranges Aquatic Centre.
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