Your Task Is To Imagine

Imagine a blanket on the grass with your school concert underway or a visiting performer at dusk with the view as the backdrop.

Imagine some training or a meeting or your private function behind glass, year round, again with the view as the backdrop.

Imagine a high ceiling large foyer with great natural light to see an exhibition, or just go on through to take a table for a latte and cake with – you know what as the backdrop.

Now imagine you are a visitor. You know, nearly every single resident in metropolitan Melbourne can walk out their door and look to the North and see this place – hmmm, I might go up there today, then to Masons Falls or Bollygum and eat at the Pub, Café or Bakery. 

Imagine further being a visitor – take a moment. Where would you go? Where is the obvious draw card? Where would you get information? Would you learn about these Ranges? Would the experience be memorable? Would you come back to an event?

Don’t let naysayers spoil your imagining. Think – is this good, for me, my family, and our community?

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