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About Soft Loud House Architects

Soft loud house architects provide architectural design services, founded in sustainable and inspired design. Our organic architectural style extends beyond simple buildings to embrace environment, community and spirit.

To connect people and landscape, and create a sense of delight in design work is fundamental to Soft Loud House Architects’ design approach – creating places where people live in happy, healthy harmony with each other and the earth.

Our philosophy embraces design as a personal and human process, which unites people, endeavour and place with beauty, nature and each other. We hold a deep respect for the environment and cultivate an awareness of the impact our choices make every day.

Each building, each village, each action is a creative journey that seeks to contribute to, rather than detract from, the world in which we live.

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Kinglake Ranges Foundation

PO Box 192, Kinglake VIC 3763

Contact Us e. [email protected] or mob. 0468 343 763

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