Information Journey

July 19, 2009

Title: Remake Kinglake

Event/Report Type: Formal and documented consultation.

Facilitators: KRRG/MSC/VBRRA

(KRRG Kinglake Ranges Recovery Group renamed to KR Community Recovery Committee KRCRC)

Summary: 200 attendees. Two of the eight opportunities identified relate to CCF.

Focus points: See ‘Opportunity’ list. Item 2 Community Centre/Performing Arts, Item 4 Fresh approach to tourism.


August 2009

Title: Community Recovery Plan

Event/Report Type: Formal report compiled by community.

Facilitators: KRRG as required by VBRRA

Summary: CCF one of the most strongly supported initiatives.

Focus points: Page 4 Arts and Parks Iconic Cultural Centre. Page 68 “Large number of community support this idea (one of the most popular on the planning day)”


Sept 21, 2009

Title: National Parks Consultation – St Andrews.

Event/Report Type: Formal consultation workshop.

Facilitators: Parks Victoria.


Sept 2009

Title: Economic Recovery Report – Kinglake Ranges.

Event/Report Type: 59 page report from worldwide top four management consultants Deloittes

Facilitators: VBRRA

Summary: Two recommendations 1. Connectivity, 2. Kinglake Ranges tourist hub. (read CCF).

Focus points: Page 42 “Arts and culture Hub… Visitors Centre… Education experience… History… Memorial”


April 28, 2010

Title: Community Cultural Facility consultation.

Event/Report Type: Formal and documented consultation.

Facilitators: KRCRC

Summary: Support for the concept.


May 23, 2010

Title: Revisiting Remake Kinglake.

Event/Report Type: Formal and documented consultation.

Facilitators: KRCRC

Summary: CCF was the subject of a dedicated consultation a month prior.


August 16, 2010

Title: Kinglake CCF Business case

Event/Report Type: 69 page report from worldwide top four management consultants Deloittes
Facilitators: VBRRA
Summary: By five years the facility will generate an annual surplus of $250,000.
Focus points: *** Many aspects of the scope of the project have changed since this report. A revised business case is under development.



Title: Kinglake National Park Master Plan

Event/Report Type: 66 page report prepared by Planning For People and Clouston Associates

Facilitators: Parks Victoria

Summary: It is the preference of Parks Victoria that the combined office and CCF are built on the purchased land.

Focus points: Page 17.


January 2012

Title: CCF brochure released

Event/Report Type: Information brochure

Facilitators: KRF / MSC / VBRRA / Parks Vic

February 28, 2012Information and feedback session 28 February. Kinglake Ranges Cultural and Community Facility Draft Master Plan information session, at the Kinglake Community Centre, 7.00pm. (From issue 8 FRU Update).

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