Can I provide my feedback?

Yes. Please provide feedback via this Link – Feedback

What might it look like?

The facility will be visually striking but sensitive to its location and concept drawings will be publicly available once completed by Soft Loud House Architects – read more here.

What activities might the facility support?

The facility will support a visitor information centre, a space for performances, support current education programs, lifelong learning/training, cafe, exhibitions, historical society displays, community group meetings and functions and corporate hire of the space.

Will it affect my rates?

No, the facility is a community owned asset, managed and owned by the Kinglake Ranges Foundation.

Will some government department call the shots on when it will be open, what it is used for, or if it will be closed down?

No, the facility is a community owned asset, managed by the Kinglake Ranges Foundation.

Who will own the land?

The Kinglake Ranges Foundation.

How does this $1.8 million project compare to other regions?

In July 2011, the Government allocated almost $7 million to the Marysville and Triangle Economic Recovery Package and the Marysville Surrounds Tourism & Events Program.

Feb 2014. http://www.rdv.vic.gov.au/fire-recovery-unit/policy-and-coordination/5-year-report

In late 2010, the Victorian Government committed up to $19 million to facilitate the establishment of a new ($28M) Hotel and Conference Centre in Marysville in partnership with the private sector.

July 2014. http://www.rdv.vic.gov.au/fire-recovery-unit/planning-and-rebuilding/marysville-hotel-and-conference-centre

Is $1.8 million enough?

The funding will allow a complete site design and construction addressing the core identified aspirations for the facility;

  • Building community capacity through arts and education
  • An Iconic building that celebrates the Kinglake Ranges
  • Multiple uses for the local community and visitors
  • A facility that reflected the community aspirations for the future
  • A gateway to the Kinglake Ranges and its natural and cultural assets
How will it be maintained?

A revised business plan is currently being developed, to take into consideration all aspects of the expanded programing options, café and visitor numbers.

Will it adversely affect local businesses?

On the contrary, the facility will increase visitation to the area highlighting our local businesses and natural assets.

Will it compete with current facilities?

No, the facility will provide a unique additional venue available to all community groups and individuals, filling the gap of a large capacity meeting/performance space.

Can the funds be used for other purposes?

No. The funds are specifically for a building to support arts and education to be built on the five hectares to the West of Frank Thompson Reserve. A natural spinoff from the facility will also be a sustainable boost for local businesses. We use it or lose it.

Why not upgrade existing facilities?

We have an opportunity to establish a facility positioned with what is one of our communities greatest assets – The View. The parcel of land is well situated as a gateway to our National Parks and State Forests. Reconfiguring often costs more than building from scratch.

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