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The Kinglake Ranges Foundation is a Community Foundation established in February 2011. We are a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee, registered with the Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission (ACNC), with Tax Concession Charity Status (TCC).

Today, the Kinglake Ranges Foundation is well positioned to serve the Kinglake Ranges into the future. It employs a Development Officer three days per week based at the RAC 2960 Heidelberg/Kinglake Road, Kinglake.

Currently there are four aspects to the Foundations purpose. The first is to build a perpetual fund for the long term which cannot be drawn upon but the interest can be used to support community initiatives. Currently foundation staff and board are actively working to grow this fund (known as a corpus) to maintain a flow of support for community initiatives well into the future. The accrued interest can be used for pretty much any purpose e.g. a pool, a park improvement, an event. Community Foundations such as the Geelong Foundation and Limestone Coast Foundations hold $15M and $1M respectively so you can imagine what impact they have in their communities!

The second component of KRF is to establish a second fund that can receive tax deductable donations from people and organisations (TCC/DGR status). This is a key tool that any local community group can make use of to make attracting donations and grants much more effective. Not only does this make donations, bequeaths etc more attractive due to the tax benefits but it also opens the door to many very large philanthropic organisations that will ONLY donate if DGR is available. Sometimes these donations are for general use but more commonly they are specifically tied to a project.

The third and fourth aspects of the foundation structure deal with very specific and controlled initiatives related directly to bushfire recovery. To oversee the establishment of small community grants program from the VBAF Trust (bushfire recovery). For More Information on Grant Rounds click here.

The Fourth aspect is to manage the delivery of a project that emerged from the extensive post fire community consultations known as, for the moment a working title, the Community Cultural Facility (CCF)/Multipurpose Building. For More Information click here.

Kinglake Ranges Foundation

2970 Kinglake Heidelberg Road,
Kinglake VIC 3763
PO Box 192, Kinglake VIC 3763

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